How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer Without iTunes

Itunes is the default application for transferring media data files from the ipod to the computer. It has limits and restrictions that can limit one to enjoy the media library. Learning how to transfer music from ipod to computer without itunes is a simpler method to enjoy the same music but with lesser restrictions. This is often possible when one converts the ipod to a portable hard drive where they can freely transfer and share music and movies from computers without the need of the itunes.

To enable this, one connects the ipod to the computer with itunes and launches the itunes. Click on the ipod on the navigation pane to the left. On the lower corner of the itune, select options tab and click on enable disk use in the ipod preference window. Uncheck the option of opening the itunes when the ipod is attached. On the summary tab check on manually manage music and videos and quit itunes leaving the ipod connected to the computer.

Download Floola into the computer and allow it to install to the ipod. Once the application has completed downloading into the ipod, drag, drops the music one want to transfer into the window with the green icon, and Floola will automatically transfer the music files. On learning how to transfer music from ipod to computer without itunes, one can freely share music files from multiple computers with ease.

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