How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer Mac

The ipod is one of the most popular music media-player currently in the market. The memory capacity keeps on increasing with each version being made enabling users to store thousand of music files in them. The copyrights however tend to restrict the transfer of music from ipods to Mac computers. This leaves the users with the question of how to transfer music from ipod to computer mac without causing their computers to crash. There several ways one can load music from ipod to mac as discussed below.

One can use the Senuti software to make music transfer. To begin with, one visits the Senuti website where they read the instruction and allow one is acquainted to the interfaces. One then downloads the program and allow it to run in the personal computer.  When fully downloaded, click on the menu tab of the program, select preference tab and click on start downloading option. Connect the ipod to the mac computer. Locate the ipod on the Senuti bar under devices. Open the ipod and select on the songs you require to copy into the computer. Locate the copy button on the program and click on it to begin copying the music from the ipod to the personal computer.

Another method that can be used to transfer music to the mac computer from ipod is the use of CopyGear software. Download the CopyGear software into the computer and run it. Open and read it to familiarize oneself with its interface. Plug the ipod into the computer and click on the connect tab on the CopyGear software. Once the songs in the ipod have loaded into the CopyGear, select the song needed for copying into the mac and click on copy selected items tab. The songs will be transferred into the mac computer.

The other method on e can use to transfer music from ipod to mac is the use of pod to mac software. In the pod to mac website, download the pod to mac-3.221 software and press run to install once it is downloaded into the mac computer. Open the pod to mac software and connect the ipod to the computer allowing the songs to load to the library. One can click on auto transfer to transfer all the songs to the computer or select them manually from the library. With all the above discussed methods on how to transfer music from ipod to computer mac one can enjoy the music from there mac computer from their ipod.

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