How to Transfer iPod Songs to Computer Using iTunes

One requires knowing how to transfer ipod songs to computer that contains itunes without loosing any music to be able to listen to music in a personal computer and have a back up for their music files. One requires to first connecting the ipod to the computer using the USB cable provided. When the itune asks whether one want to sync up the ipod one should click on the no option. After connecting the ipod to the computer’ open the computer menu on the start menu and look for the ipod.

If one is using window XP on the personal computer, open the ipod and click tools then folder options, view tab then click on the “show hidden” files and folders and apply. When one is using windows vista, open the ipod and click on organize, then folder and search option and finally view and show hidden files.  One should now have ipod_control folder that contains; ipod_control, calendar, photos and notes. Open the music folder in the ipod_control folder. Copy each of the music files into the computer. Open itunes and insert the new music folder to the music library of the itunes. When one syncs the ipod into the new computer, they do not loose any of their music. This is a sure way of how to transfer ipod songs to computer without losing any music.

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