How to Transfer Info From One iPhone To Another

Using iTunes is ideal  for transferring information from one device to the other, some of the steps on how to transfer info from one iPhone to another is that one should ensure that they have the latest version of iTunes installed in their PC by downloading it, connect one of the iPhones to the PC and ensure that it is backed up so as not to loose any data, connect the other iPhone on the same PC used to backup the previous one and iTunes will ask if you want to restore a backup or set it as a new iPhone and select backup of your previous device to be able to transfer information to the device.

While iTunes is restoring backup from one iPhone to the other the progress bar may pause and users should not be alarmed but give more time for the process to complete, after the process is complete the device will restart and if the device appears on the iTunes select it to click on the tabs to change the items you need to sync and click apply to sync the new device with iTunes. If data like photos, music and information appears on the device they were being transferred to then the transfer was successful.

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