How to Transfer Contacts From one iPhone to Another Successfully

An iPhone has an applications which allows one to store numerous number of contacts starting with email addresses, website links, phone numbers, twitters accounts and so much more. The application organizes all the contacts according to their groups. However, one might be wondering on how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another, the iPhone network providers have proven that one can transfer the contacts from one iPhone to another by synchronizing the contacts of the first iPhone with a computer and then synchronize the second one with the same computer.

The devices that you need during the synchronization process are iPhone USB cable and Mac or PC with iTunes. The first step is opening up of the iTunes software program in your computer. The second step is opening up the “preferences” which is located under the “iTunes” bar. In the “preferences”, there is the “devices” tab; one should then click it to ensure that there is a checkbox next, to prevent the iPhones, iPod and iPad from synchronizing automatically. By doing this one will be able to control the synchronization of the contacts from one iPhone to another. Through the above explanations, one will know how to transfer contacts from one iPhone to another successfully.

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