How to Sync Your iPod Touch with Microsoft Outlook

Although one cannot use an ipod touch to make calls, it can be used to store contacts from previous email addresses, which include Microsoft Outlook 2007. You need to know how to sync your ipod touch with Microsoft outlook in order to access the addresses. This is done with the help of itunes. As one continues to add more contacts to the outlook, the ipod touch updates its contacts during synchronization with the computer. One requires to first installing the latest update of itunes to their personal computer.

Click the start button on the computer desktop and on the all programs tab choose Apple. Open the itunes by clicking on the iTunes tab and allow it to launch. Connect the ipod touch to the computer by connecting one end to the dock connector located at one end of the ipod touch and the other end plug into an empty USB port on the computer. The ipod touch is seen under devices in the itunes side bar. Click on the ipod touch on the itunes followed by the info tab and check sync contacts from box and the box just adjacent to the outlook contacts. Select on the contacts or the contact group one want to sync and check the boxes next to them and apply to sync. You will need not to ask how to sync your ipod touch for after the synchronization is complete all the contacts will be updated in your ipod touch.

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