How to Sync Outlook with Google Calendar

Google calendar works with outlook 2993/2007 on windows XP and windows Vista to allow users sync Microsoft outlook calendar with Google calendar, set direction of flow and specify the sync frequency by giving a time interval, with this amazing features one wonders how to sync outlook with Google calendar, the process is simple by choosing a calendar that will act as the source and the other one will be the sink, the source will be the main calendar and will contain most of the information and ensure the other one is clean without any event.

One needs to save log -in details on the first part covers, then save how one wants to save sync between outlook and Google calendar by choosing options of either 2 way feature where data flows both ways and  can be changed automatically if changed on one calendar. The update sync interval should be set to a desired time to ensure that when the calendar is updated the  same information matches with the other page , since it runs from the system tray one can access to settings by simply right clicking. There are various sites that give varied information on how to sync outlook with Google calendar thus giving users a chance to choose steps that suit them.

Using the one way calendar, Google calendar to outlook however means that information changed on one page will not show on the other since it is set that information flows from Google calendar to the default outlook calendar and one way outlook to Google calendar settings where information flows from outlook to Google calendar and any information changed on Google calendar will not be updated automatically to outlook calendar. This application allows one to simply subscribe to Google calendar from outlook by getting a private URL to use and view updated Google calendar while in outlook. The process is simple by logging in to Google calendar account, click on settings on the left hand side of the calendar to use my calendar. The calendar details tab opens up, go to private address link to click ICAL, select the internet web address that appears then press control and C to copy selected text. Open outlook go to tools accounts settings on the internet calendars and click new, paste the internet web and click and click add, name the calendar and any changes made will be automatically set on the other page. It is a convenient way of storing data in ones calendar and reduces cumbersome processes.

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