How to Sync Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar

Calendars are very necessary into our normal lives. Through them is where the orders of days are achieved. They are found in different places like the walls, on our iPhones and in the internet. Due to the improvement of technology, calendars can now be found in the Microsoft outlook on the desktops and on the web through the Google calendar. These two applications are the common ones that are prioritized by many instead of the other calendars. The Google and Microsoft outlook calendars have their own differences. If you are interested in using the two of them because of their different features and you would like to use them to store different information, you can go to search engines and know how to synchronize outlook calendar with Google calendar.

The outlook 2003 to 2007 on the windows vista and windows XP works hand in hand with the Google calendar sync. This allows the user to synchronize Microsoft outlook calendar with the Google calendar. It also assists in giving the sync frequency by time interval. The first recommended step is closing of the outlooks to make sure that the installation is successful without any damages. It is also important to know that if you go from outlook to Google calendar, the Google calendar will not change automatically. One should then set the updates and synchronize interval. The default time is 120 minutes and the minimum time is 10 minutes. While the Google calendar sync runs, one can access the settings by right clicking. By right clicking manually, one gets the option where you will select sync thus bringing out the solution on how to sync outlook calendar with Google calendar.

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