How to Sync iPod Without Erasing Data

When one chooses to sync their iPod to a computer they risk loosing their data from their devices and one is cautioned that when they plug in their device to a computer it is important to ensure that you command the computer to transfer the data into the computer to prevent chances of loosing it for easy access whenever needed. However doing these one will be required to follow simple steps on how to sync iPod without erasing any data by clicking start to start iTunes from the applications folder, plug the device into the USB cable to connect it to the PC, click the iPod icon and transfer your data to the computer this however is possible for devices that are compatible with windows only and those that do not one will need to download an application to enable them do so. Click on the enable disk use at the options icon, to view your iPod drive use ‘my computer’, click on the start button, control panel then appearance and personalization to select options folder and view tab. On the iPod drive select ‘iPod controls’ then data that you wish to transfer and select all the folders and drag them to the hard drive on your computer.

Using iTunes sync your iPod to backup your music by cleaning up the tittles of your music on your computer and transfers the contents into your computer safely. Using these tips on how to sync iPod without erasing helps one backup their data safely.

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