How to Sync Iphone with Outlook the Easy Way

One can sync iphone with outlook using iTunes. What this essentially means is that one can sync their iphone with outlook just the way they do with contacts. Considering the fact that an iphone is a sophisticated gadget, many people find it problematic to sync their iphones. This probably explains why the question “how to sync iphone with outlook” is uppermost in the lips of many iphone owners. What are the steps that one needs to follow in order to sync their iphone with outlook?

The first step is to open iTunes. However, one must ensure that the iTunes version is up to date. This can be achieved by clicking “help” and then checking for updates. The next step is to connect the iphone to the computer via a USB cable. This automatically launches iTunes where a person can then select iphone from the list. The third step is to click on the sync outlook option and then apply. The computer will then sync the iphone based on the settings put in place. In a nutshell, the process of  how to sync iphone with outlook is very simple. All that a person needs to do is follow the steps carefully and they will be able to sync their iphone with outlook.

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