How to Sync iPhone to PC

Syncing an iPhone enables one to manage what is added and removed from their devices, first for one to be able to manage this they need to follow simple procedure on how to sync iPhone to pc by plugging the USB cable to the USB port on the PC and the other end to the dock connector at the bottom of the iPhone and after plugging in the phone will start to sync and one can use iTunes to continue with the rest of the sync process.

When your device is sync the account that was used last to access the iTunes store from the computer is synced to your device and therefore it is easy to plug in and access the iTunes store, if the computer is not yours it is important to log out of that particular computer since one is logged in as the owner of the computer when downloading any applications to the iPhone and one can plug in to listen to their music directly from the computer using their device. To make these possible one will need a PC with iTunes installed, iPhone with USB cables, WI-FI for wireless connection and iTunes. These are some of the procedure on how to sync iPhone to pc.

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