How to Sync iPhone to New Computer without Losing Data the Best Way

Many people are constantly looking for ways in which they can sync their iphones without losing data. This is informed by the fact that losing personal can be a devastating experience to many people. Many iphone owners who have done away with their old computers and bought new computers have been asking themselves how to sync iphone to new computer without losing data. The great thing is that the process is pretty simple and can be done by anyone provided that they follow the steps to the letter.

The first thing to do is to basically transfer the iTunes library o a new computer.  The second step is to connect your iphone to the new computer via a USB cable. This literally means that you connect one end of the cable to a USB port and the other end on the iphone. One should then locate the iTunes music folder, back up the iTunes music library, get a copy of your old music file, save the music in a new folder, save the newly  created file into the new computer, open iTunes and sync. The process is pretty simple and is the best way to ensure that you sync your iphone to a new computer without losing any data. All that a person needs to do is follow the prompts and all will be well.

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