How to Sync iPhone to iTunes Wirelessly

A wireless feature that enables iPhone users sync their device wirelessly via WI-FI has made the process easy, simply one needs to ensure that iTunes has synced wirelessly with your device by selecting sync with their iPhone over WI-FI to allow them sync their devices wirelessly with a PC and following simple steps on how to sync iPhone to iTunes wirelessly should do the trick. First one need to ensure that their computer is connected to a wireless network and it is running iTunes, plug in your device to initiate    WI-FI sync and connect it to a power source via a power adapter or a portable charger attached to their device will also be of help, tap on the setting menu icon on the home screen and get to general then iTunes WI-FI sync. By accessing that, one is able to view a list of computers that are available on the WI-FI network and one can select the computer they want to sync with by tapping on the sync now button.

The steps on how to sync iPhones to iTunes wirelessly should enable your device to sync wirelessly to your PC and it is automated every time it is plugged in and connected to the same WI-FI network as your PC.

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