How to Sync iPhone Contacts with Google

There is no denying that the more contact information a person has, the more reliable and powerful it becomes. We all probably have a lot of contact information scattered out in different locations. When it comes to storing all our contact information in one place, an iphone can become a powerful tool. What many don’t know is how they sync their iphone contacts with Google. However, the good news is that the process is not difficult and can be done by anyone provide that they follow the given steps. How to sync iphone contacts with Google is the burning question for many individuals who own an iphone and have contacts strewn in different locations.

The first thing a person needs to do is sync their iphone with a computer. Upon doing this, a management screen will appear where a person is required to click on the “info” tab. One should then check the “sync address book contacts” with Google. This will prompt an appearance of a pop up asking you for permission to let iTunes access contacts on Google. One should click agree and start the process of syncing iphone contacts with Google.  It’s imperative to note that the process is pretty simple and all that a person needs to do is carefully follow the above mentioned steps.

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