How to Sync an iPhone with Two or More Computers

Many iphone users have always wondered how to sync an iphone with two or more computers. One can easily learn this simple method where one can sync the personal computer to enable one to sync the iphone to two personal computers without loosing any of their settings. Syncing of music and media could be done on one computer while calendar and contacts could be done in another computer.

The iphone is usually synced to the first computer in the usual manner. Locate the itunes music library.xml and open it using notepad or any other text editor. After the library persistent identification in the open file look for the tag string, that is usually a sixteen characters long alphanumeric code. Note it down, as one will need it in the next computer.

Go to the next computer and make sure the itunes are closed in that computer. Locate the itunes music library.xml file. Once found create a back up by simply copying and pasting into the same folder and giving the second copy a slightly different name. Open this document, locate the library persistent identification, and copy the code to a safe location. Replace the code with the code from the first computer and save it to close the document. Download a hex editor into the personal computer. Locate the itunes music library.itl and load to the hex editor. Click on the edit when the file is open, followed by find and replace. In the find field, type code copied from the second computer and click replace and type the code obtained from the first computer. Click on replace then save the file and close. One will have known how to sync an iphone with two or more computers if they follow the above procedure.

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