How to Setup Email on iPad

Users of iPad have the advantage of accessing different email accounts including Microsoft exchange, yahoo mail, Gmail, AOL and other IMAP email accounts from their iPad and one can easily send and receive contents on their device once they have added or created an account on their device including photos and documents. For one to access these features however needs to set up an email account on their iPad, this is done by following steps on how to setup email on iPad to be able to access the features. First setting up a new email on the device one needs to tap on the mail icon located on the home screen, then tap o the favorable account type available then enter account information and save, one receives messages to inform them of their new account and tapping on the inbox icon gives them access to the messages.

IPad users are treated to a choice of adding email to their device if they already had an existing one and following simple steps on how to setup email on iPad enables them get it done easily, first tap setting icon from the home screen, tap on mail, contacts then calendars, tap on add account and add the account you wish to use then enter account information and save by tapping the save icon to enjoy easy access to your email account.

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