How to Set Up Wi-Fi on iPad

Owning an ipad is a dream come true for individuals. This is because this unique gadget is a perfect combination of advanced technology and amazing features. An ipad is a high end device that has been well received in the market due to its unique features. However, it also poses a lot of challenges to the average users who are not tech savvy. Setting up WI-FI on ipad is one of the major challengers to users who are not tech savvy. It’s a process but many people are not aware of but which is very simple. All that a person needs to do in order to set up wifi on ipad is pretty simple.  The steps on how to set up wifi are in response to the question “how to set up wifi on ipad.

The first thing to do is ensure that the wifi set up router ready. One should then click on the settings icon on the home screen. The second step entails clicking on the wifi option on the left hand menu, tapping the arrow that contains the name of your wifi network, typing the WEP password using the keyboard provided at the bottom of the screen, and tapping the join button on the keyboard. On entering the correct password, a person should be able to see a blue check mark to the left of the preferred name. This should be an indication that the process was successful.

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