How to Set Up Outlook Email on iPhone 4

An iphone 4 is a sophisticated gadget that allows individuals to surf the internet, listen to music, take and copy photos, record videos among many other things. One of the major things that individuals who are tech savvy use the iphone 4 for is to check email. However, how to set up outlook email on iphone 4 remains to be a major challenge for many people. What people don’t know is that the procedure is pretty simple and all that a person needs to do is ensure that they follow the given steps to the letter.

The first step n setting up outlook email on iphone 4 is to click on the settings buttons on the home screen. One should then click on the mail contacts button>calendars>add account. The second step is to click on the other button and then activate the keyboard. The keyboard should then be used to type the email and password buttons in the field. After doing all this, a person should then click on the “next” button and they would receive a message saying that the email was set up. One should then click ok and exit the wizard by clicking the home button. In a nutshell, setting up outlook email on iphone 4 is pretty simple and requires an individual to follow the steps provided.

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