How to Save iPhone Contacts to PC

Saving iphone contacts to a computer is of essence whenever a person is sending their iphone for repair, buying a different phone or getting a replacement. No one can deny that losing contacts can be a devastating experience. As such, having some form of back up is of essence. How to save iphone contacts to pc is one of the most frequently asked questions. The procedure is pretty simple and entails individuals following the given steeps to the letter. The first thing to do is for a person to sync contacts on a pc by using iTunes. This can be done by connecting the iphone to a computer and launching iTunes. One should then right click on iphone icon and select backup. This protects against losing all your contacts in the future.

This process is pretty simple and does not require one to be tech savvy in order to accomplish it. What is needed is for a person to follow the laid out steps to the letter and all will be well. Saving contacts on a PC is of essence because it provides individuals with an opportunity to get back their contacts after repairing an iphone or acquiring a new phone from the shop.

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