How to Save iPhone Contacts to ITunes

Saving contacts on iTunes is a very important exercise. Synchronizing iphone contacts with iTunes plays a very important role in ensuring that you have backup of contacts in case of any unexpected loss of contacts, how to save iphone contacts to iTunes is the major headache of many iphone users. ITunes basically contains the backup of your iphones information and therefore should be updated periodically. How can one save iphone contacts to iTunes? The procedure is pretty simple and anyone can do it so long as they follow the steps to the letter.

The first thing to do is plug the iphone into a computer via a USB cable. The next step is to click start>all programs>select Apple and click iTunes to run it. The next step is to select the iphone under the devices section. This is of essence because it’s the iTunes that you want to save contacts to. The last step basically entails clicking on the info tab and checking the box next to “sync address book contacts”. Then one should click on sync contacts to sync contacts to iTunes. The process is pretty simple and a person should follow the given steps carefully so as to successfully save iphone contacts to iTunes.

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