How to Right Click on iPhone


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There is no denying that an apple iPhone is a device that offers users with many unique features. This is informed by the fact that a person can do a variety of things through an iphone. One can listen to music, take and copy pictures, and also surf the net, being able to use the right click function can come in handy especially if a person is new to the device.  The function is akin to using the right click function on an Apple laptop. Learning how to right click on iphone is the major concern of many iphone users. This is because it provides them with an opportunity to enjoy all the unique features of the phone. The first step basically entails a person turning on the iPhone.

The next step is to load on an application such as iphotos, notes or safari>place one finger on the screen and hold it there>one should then tap the screen with another finger to make the right click menu appear. The last thing to do is to select the menu option that one desires. The procedure is pretty simple and can accomplished by anyone. However, one is advised to seek for advice if they have any concerns about how to go about the process. This is specifically meant to ensure that a person enjoys all the unique features of an iPhone.

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