How to Restore iPhone 3g to Factory Settings

One could need to restore their iPhone to factory setting due to various reasons, restoring an iPhone simply means solving a problem with the phone that may have been caused by downloading a dangerous file to the device or just resetting it for protection purposes. New users also need to reset their device by restoring them to factory setting, to get this done however it is important for one to follow simple steps of how to restore iPhone 3g to factory settings to get it fixed. First one needs to be sure if their device needs to be restored since restoring deletes all the data from the device then connect it to a computer using the USB cable, to see if the device is connected the iTunes launches and one can view the devices under the ‘DEVICES’, sync the device to iTunes and back up your data then restore by clicking the restore button.

After restoration the iPhone will indicate on the screen that it needs to be restarted, then set it up either as a new iPhone or restore from backup, and you can restore the files in the device to access your music, photo and personal files, this are simple tips on how to restore iPhone 3g to factory settings to continue enjoying the devices features.

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