How to Restore an IPod Touch to Factory Settings in Simple Steps

It’s imperative to note that at times, a simple hard reset does not provide an iPod touch user with all the comfort they need. This is informed by the fact that they might continue experiencing the same old problems even after a hard reset. This is where a person is forced to restore their device to factory settings. How to restore an iPod touch to factory settings is the major concern of many individuals who own problematic iPod touch. However, individuals are advised not to panic because the process is pretty simple and can be done without much ado. Restoring an iPod touch to factory settings has the impact of returning the iPod to the original state that it came from the factory. This means a person erasing all the data that may be contained in the iPod.

The first step is to basically sync your iPod with your computer in order to create back up for your data. One should then go to the iPod management screen and click the restore button. One should then find the settings application on the home screen and click on it>scroll to the general menu and click on it>tap on the reset menu and then click on erase all contents and settings. This will serve the purpose of restoring your iPod touch to its original factory settings.

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