How to Restore a Jailbroken iPod Touch

Jail breaking basically entails changing or adding a program into an iPod touch. Many people resort to jail breaking their iPod touch because they want it to be more responsive or to add applications that will make their lives enjoyable. However, the pertinent question in the minds of many people is how to restore a jailbroken iPod touch. This is the question that lingers in the minds of many people who own an iPod touch which has already been jail broken. Restoring your iPod touch is the best option for individuals who had jailbroken it and things did not go as planned.

The first thing to is ensure that you have the latest version of the iTunes. Then one should connect the iPod touch to the computer via a USB cable. The next step is to select the iPod touch device after it has been detected. If it’s not detected, then it’s imperative that you put it on dfu mode. The next course of action is to select the summary tab and click on the restore option. The last step entails a person selecting the restore option when prompted by the iPod. This will ensure that all the data in your iPod is erased and that your iPod touch is restored to its factory settings.

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