How to Reset Your iPod Touch Password and Guarantee Your Security

Password in an ipod touch enables one to restrict unauthorized access to the device. The code is usually a four-digit code that enables one to unlock the phone. One can also customize the code to be able to pit more than four digits when they want to access the device. When one forgets or realizes their code is known by may people the need to know how to reset your ipod touch password. If one forgets the password and they are currently locked out of the device, they need to restore the ipod touch before they can change their password code.

One should first power on the ipod touch by pressing on the sleep/wake button to   bring the unlock screen. Slide the unlock button on the screen from left to right. If the password code is activated the device will prompt one to enter it. Input the secret number to allow the home page to load. Tap on the setting to bring up the settings menu on the screen. Tap on the genera tab and scroll on the page and tap on the pass code lock. When the device prompts one to enter the pass code lock, enter the current code. Tap on the change pass code button and enter the old password when prompt appears followed by a new pass code. A confirmation will appear and enter the new password again when prompted. The question of how to reset your ipod touch password will be answered with the above simple steps.

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