How to Reset Your IPod in a Number of Ways

Every once in a while, your iPod may become frozen and stop working. This means that a person will not be in a position to enjoy music, movies and other unique features that come with an iPod. IPod owners who simply can’t imagine life without a working iPod usually feel hollow and empty. However, by following a number of steps or trying a number of methods, a person can be able to reset their iPod and keep enjoying the unique features that come with it. Have you been wondering how to reset your iPod that is frozen and not working? The following methods and steps would be of help in bringing back your iPod to normalcy.

The easiest method to use on most iPods is just to toggle the hold switch forward and backwards three times to get the iPod out of a minor freeze. Its however imperative to note that the toggling of the holding switch backwards and forwards three times should be done in rapid succession. Another way of snapping an iPod out of a free is by plugging it into a computer or AC power outlet. This serves to immediately bring it back to life. The third way or method on how to reset your iPod is by holding down the select button and center button for about 10 seconds. This should be able to power down an iPod and then restart it. However, restarting usually takes a few minutes and therefore a person should be patient enough. The idea is to try the same process a couple of times until it works.

If all these fails, then its time you tried connecting your iPod to a different USB hub. What this essentially means is that if your computer hasn’t yet recognized that your iPod has been plugged into it, then a different USB hub would be of essence. The above mentioned steps are meant to ensure that you learn how to reset your iPod and continue enjoying its services. However, if all fails, then the last course of action is for you to keep your iPod somewhere safe and plug in some speakers for a couples of hours. The iPod will then run out of power in a couple of hours. When it eventually dies down, one is advised not to restart it but plug it into a power source. This will without a doubt restart your iPod completely.

However, if this last step still doesn’t work the trick, then it’s time for you to try one last method on how to reset your iPod. The method entails plugging the iPod into a computer and restore its factory settings. This has the effect of wiping out all the iPod contents and making it blank. However, it’s imperative to note that this is not the best option if you have no back up.

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