How to Reset the Iphone

Persistent freezing or locking up of an iphone is a common issue with iphones that can be resolved. One should restart the iphone and then force a quit of the problem app. If the problems continue even after the above troubleshooting steps it call one to know how to reset the iphone. During and even after the trouble shooting process the files and data stored in the iphone are not lost or damaged.

Resetting the ipad is a simple and fast process. The first thing one should do is turning on the phone. One should then hold on/off button at the top of the ipads and home button to the front. One should continue holding the buttons and ignore power-off slider appearing at the screen’s top. While still holding the buttons one should wait until the apple logo appears on the screen of the iphone and then release the buttons. If the iphone does not reset, the other alternative that could be used to troubleshoot would be connecting the device on the personal computer and using the iTunes reset the devise. One can follow any of the methods to know how to reset the iphone without the need to get assistance from specialists.

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