How to Reset the iPhone 4

There are many reasons as to why a person may wish to reset their iphone. Top among the reasons is that an iphone may have become unresponsive or slow. One may also want to sell their iphone and or give it away to a friend. As such, it becomes imperative for them to reset their iphone in order to get rid of all personal information. How to reset the iphone 4 is the uppermost question that iphone 4 users ask themselves. Learning how to reset an iphone 4 is of essence in helping you fix problems that it may experience every now and then.  What does one need to do in order to reset their iphone 4?

The first step is for a person to press and hold the home and sleep/wake button simultaneously. A person should press hold these buttons until the iphone 4 shuts down. On shutting down, one should wait for about 10 to 15 seconds and then restart it. The resetting process is deemed complete and successful when a person sees the Apple logo on restarting the iphone. This process is pretty simple and can be done by anybody provided that they follow the steps carefully. Learning how to reset your iphone is of essence in ensuring that your iphone 4 is always in shape and working.

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