How to Reset iPhone Without iTunes

The iTunes application allows you to restore your iphone whenever it experiences problems or becomes slow due to conflict of the applications programs. However, it’s imperative to note that one can reset an iphone without iTunes. This may seem farfetched to those people who believe that the only way that they reset an iphone is by the use of iTunes program. How to reset iphone without iTunes is the uppermost question in the minds of many iphone users. The process is pretty simple and can be accomplished by anyone provided that they follow the steps to the letter.

The first step entails pressing the home button on the iphone and then clicking on the “settings” icon on the home screen. The second step entails tapping on the general tab and clicking on the “reset” tab. After doing that, one should tap on the “reset all settings” in order to restore the iphone to its default settings. Click on the tab “erase all content and settings” in order to restore iphone to its original factory settings. Clicking that button serves to erase all information on the iphone including bookmarks, contacts, music among many others. The last step is for a person to tap the erase iphone in order to confirm the action. The above steps are instrumental when a person wants to reset an iphone without iTunes.

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