How to Reset iPhone Password without Restore

The most common method of resetting a password is through restoring an iphone. However, this basically means that individuals will have to reset all the factory settings of an iphone and in the process loose important data. This has prompted many individuals to ask the question: how to reset iphone password without restore. The following steps will be useful for a person who wants to reset their iphone without losing their precious data. The first thing to do is connect the powered iphone to a computer via a USB cable. The next step is to launch iphone explorer and select the root directory from the left hand pane. Navigate to key chains and locate key chain 2.db. The next course of action is to right click on it and delete selected.

The last step is disconnect the iphone from the computer, power it off and then back on. By so doing, the password would have been removed without actually losing your important data. This process is preferred by those individuals who loathe losing their important data while trying to reset their password. One can follow the simple steps outlined to ensure that they get access to their phones by ensuring that their data remains safe. It’s without a doubt one of the safest modes of resetting passwords.

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