How to Reset iPhone 4G

Despite the fact that an iphone is a sophisticated gadget that has taken the world by storm, there are moments when users experience problems with. There are times when an iphone 4g becomes unresponsive to prompts or simply unstable. This causes an inconvenience to users because they cannot enjoy all the unique features that come with it. It’s important to note that resetting an iphone 4g is quite different from restoring it. This is because the restoration process is meant to reset all the factory settings and has the impact of an iphone losing all the information it contained. Resetting on the other hand is only meant to reboot an iphone that is not responding to prompts. How to reset iphone 4g is therefore the question that many iphone users are faced with when they become temporarily unstable.

The first step in resetting an iphone 4g is to simultaneously press and hold the home button and the sleep/wake button. This act should continue until the iphone goes. After it goes off, one should wait for about 15 seconds before restarting it. When the Apple logo appears, that signifies a successful reset. The steps are pretty simple to follow and anybody can do the resetting without much difficulty.

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