How to Reset an iPod classic

When an iPod classic freezes it loses all the music contents it had , this can be disappointing for many users and the fact that the screen freezes and one cannot access the features of saving a backup before the data is lost is annoying too, although one can reset or restart the device one would have already lost the data in their devices, however other users argue that it depends with which model of the device one is using since there are those that do not loose data and once they are restored one can get access to their data. This has prompted many questions including how to reset an iPod classic, resetting can be done easily at home with users and they do not need to be tech savvy to do it but by just following simple steps.

First, ensure that the device is not simply locked or paused by checking the screen for a lock symbol if it is not there then the device might need to be reset. Put the iPod on a stable surface and slide the hold switch on then off. Hold down select and menu simultaneously for several seconds using two fingers and not touching the click wheel, when the manufacturer logo appears release select and menu. If the device does not respond one should repeat the above steps or plug the iPod into a power source using a power adapter for safety and see if it restarts.

For many iPod users the hustle of running up and down trying to get their device fixed is tedious and may opt for easier options that would end up costing them more than they bargain for, one Is however advised not to entrust their gadgets with unreliable technicians who may damage their devices, many manufacturers offer their customers guarantees and they can return the devices for repair, this is the safest way if the above steps do not work for your device and for safety one should never reset the iPod classic when there is a warning sign message on the screen saying connected, eject before disconnecting,  sync in progress, please wait or not disconnected if one attempts to reset the device they are at a risk of damaging the iPod since it is in a progress that should not be interrupted and may cause corruption of the data stored in the device. Steps on how to reset an iPod classic often depends on the make of the device but these simple steps should work on every standard iPod.

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