How To Reset an iPad

An ipad is a flashy gadget that is held in high esteem because of its unique features and functionality. Many people purchase an ipad because it provides them with an opportunity to watch movies, listen to music and play amazing games. However, an ipad is just like a computer. What this essentially means is that apart from the unique features that I comes with, it also occasionally experiences freezing and gets stuck. In order to fix this problem, all that a person needs to do is reset the ipad. This probably explains why the question how to reset an ipad is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Resetting an ipad is not difficult and only entails following a few steps. A reset is different from a restore in the sense that a restore erases all information in an ipad and restores its original resetting. A reset on the other hand is basically meant to reboot an ipad. The first step in the resetting process is basically pressing and holding the home button and sleep/wake button simultaneously. The two buttons should be pressed until the ipad goes off. One should then wait for couples of seconds before restarting the ipad. The appearance of the Apple logo is an indication that the reboot was successful. As such, it’s very important that ipad users who are experiencing problems should consider resetting their ipads using the above mentioned steps.

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