How to Reset an iPad to Factory Settings

If one wants to erase all the data and settings on their ipad, they need to know how to reset an ipad to factory settings. This is usually useful when one wants to give the ipad to someone else or when one just wants to have a clean start for their ipad. It could be done using either itunes or without itunes. Using itunes provides a back up for the information and data in the ipad and one can restore them after a reset to factory settings.

To restore to factory settings with itunes, one should ensure they have the latest version of itunes in their personal computer. Launch the itune sin the personal computer and connect the ipad to the computer. Select the ipad in the itunes side bar where it appears as a device. In the summary window, click restores. Click on the back up button after which a pop-up window will appear. Click on restore on the pop up window. After restoration of the ipad to factory setting, the ipad restarts. The restoration is completed by loading a back up to the ipad or opting to set up a new ipad.

To restore the ipad to factory settings without itunes, one turns on the ipad then selects on the settings followed by general and finally reset buttons. Select on erasing all the contents and settings and the deletion of data takes place within a minute. Choose on whether to restore the ipad from back up or to use it as a new device on next connection with itunes. One can therefore learn how to reset an ipad to factory settings using either of the two methods but still obtain the same results.

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