How to Remove Songs from iPod Shuffle

An iPod shuffle is meant to help a person who owns an iPod listen to a random mix of music. However, there are times when you constantly find yourself listening to the same song on iPod shuffle. This may prompt a person to delete the song from the iPod shuffle. It’s imperative to note that deleting songs from iPod shuffle is pretty simple. It’s important for a person to learn how to remove songs from iPod shuffle in simple steps. The first step is to basically open iTunes and then plug in the iPod shuffle.

The second step is to select the song that you want to delete. If you want to delete multiple songs, then the best bet is to hold down the ctrl while selecting the individual songs. The third step is to right click on the mouse button and select remove from iPod. This will serve the purpose of removing the song from the iPod but they will still remain in the computer. The last step is to press the orange eject button next to the iPod shuffle and then disconnect the device. This will complete the process of deleting songs from an iPod shuffle. How to remove songs from iPod shuffle is therefore simple and should not be a difficult task to those who want to.

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