How to Reformat an iPod

Reformatting of an iPod is necessary whenever your iPod is damaged or you want to use a different operating system. The benefit of reformatting an iPod is that it provides you with an opportunity to restore its factory settings as well as use a different operating system of your choice. How to reformat an iPod is the uppermost question in the minds of many people. The process is pretty simple and quick and therefore all that a person needs to learn is how to do it safely. Reformatting also serves the purpose of fixing any minor glitches that your iPod may have experiencing. It’s therefore recommended for users whose iPods are damaged or who want to change their operating systems.

In order to successfully reformat your iPod, one needs to connect their iPod to a computer and sync it with the iTunes. The next step is to open the iPod management screen and click on the tab “summary”. One should then look for the button labeled “restore” beneath the check for updates tab and click on it. When asked by iPod whether you are sure you want to restore it, one should click yes and start the process of restoring the iPod. The last step entails one reloading their media to their reformatted iPod and syncing it with iTunes.

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