How to Refill Canon Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges do not come cheap and that is why when you know how to refill canon ink cartridges  then you are on the road to saving a lot of money.  One should know the things they will need in order to have a successful refill and these are an ink jet printer ink refill, an electric drill and a drill bit. Now the first step is removing the old cartridge carefully as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Next find the ink tank on the cartridge and drill a hole on top of it using a 3 mm drill bit which should be placed on the mouth of the electric drill. After this you gently insert the tip of the ink bottle into the hole drilled then when the tip is fully in, squeeze it gently to refill the cartridge.

This should be done till the cartridge is full then one should remove the ink bottle from the ink tank.  You should then wipe the top of the cartridge with a piece of paper clothe and cover the drilled hole with a piece of tape. It is recommended that one rubs the tape to get rid of air bubbles and to make it adhere properly to the cartridge. Lastly put back the refilled cartridge into the printer and do some head cleaning for the printer according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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