How to Recycle Ink Cartridges

Everyday a lot of printing is done in homes, offices, schools and even churches thus cartridges are doing a lot of rounds everywhere but now the question that re mains is how to recycle ink cartridges since there is always the issue of waste products after use of something. Recycling is a sign of responsibility and care for the environment. It is quite easy to go about it and the first thing one should do is going online and searching for the web page of the cartridge’s manufacturer. They should search for a recycle form and fill it in. after this submit the form.

The manufacturer will respond by sending you a recycle kit which includes a plastic bag in which you will place all your used cartridges and mail them to the manufacturer who will then recycle them for you. If this process is too complicated for you then there is always the other option of you collecting all your used cartridges and taking them to a retail store which has recycling programs for cartridges. They will do the recycling and even give recycling reward points to make you recycle more and also buy more cartridges at less thus you will be saving money and saving the environment.

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