How to Put Videos on IPod Touch

The iPod touch is a sophisticated piece of hardware that comes with unique features that have served to change the lives of many individuals. Through the iPod, one can be able to watch videos, listen to music, and play countless of video games. As such, it’s one of the most tech savvy gadgets that has taken the world by storm. In as much as putting videos on iPod touch may seem a daunting task, one only needs to follow a few steps before they can be able to put videos on iPod touch. How to put videos on iPod touch has been the constant question in the lips of many people who own an iPod touch and would like to enjoy videos. The reason why people buy iPod touch is because they want to enjoy its unique features and functionality.

It’s imperative to note that if you can add music on iPod touch, then putting videos is also as easy. All that a person needs to do is ensure that they follow the required steps to the letter. The first step is to find legal videos. IPods and other digital services have three main sources of legal videos. These sources are: these are your personal collection, the iTunes store, and the digital copies of traditional DVDs. The second step entails moving videos to iTunes. One needs to put all videos in a single folder and save it on the desktop. The next course of action on how to put videos on iPod touch is to open iTunes and click on the “add file to iTunes” in order to ensure that all the videos in the folder are imported to the iTunes program.

The third step entails converting the videos into MPEG-4 formats. Popular formats such as AVI and WMV will need to be converted by MPEG-4 in order for them to be compatible with the iPod touch. The best way to convert the videos you want is by right clicking on iTunes sub menu and then click on the conversion option in order to begin the important process. Another option is to drag the video files into the iTunes conversion queue. The last step is to plug the videos with the iPod touch. This entails plugging the iPod touch into the computer and wait for the iTunes to recognize it. One should then drag the videos over the iPod icon and let the syncing process take place. However, caution should be taken as an iPod touch does not have a big hard drive hence not suitable for individuals who watch a lot of movies.

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