How to Put Videos on iPod Touch without iTunes

There is no denying that not everybody who owns an iphone is a fan of everything that comes with it. There are those who buy an iPod simply because they like its unique features and not because they want or even know how to use all of its features. This however does not meaning that there is no need to learn. There are those people who are a fun of videos and therefore always asked themselves “how to put videos on iPod touch without iTunes”. This is not a very complicated process and all that a person needs to do is ensure that they are conversant with the steps thoroughly.

The great news is that a person does not need iTunes in order to transfer videos from a personal computer to an iPod. Transferring or putting of videos in an iPod can be smooth and fast even in the absence of iTunes. All that a person needs is iPod transfer software. Daniusoft itransfer software is software that is specifically designed for iPod/ipad users to transfer music, audio books, videos and movies to their sophisticated gadget without iTunes synchronization. All that a person needs to do is download the daniusoft itransfer and start the transfer of videos to iPod without the help of iTunes.

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