How to Put Songs on an iPod

As much as the radio deejay is great you know that you cannot listen to them all day since you would want to carry your favorite songs with you to keep you in a good mood.  So you buy yourself an iPod and wonder how to put songs on an iPod. First of all connect your iPod to the computer using its USB cord. One should know that if this is their first time doing such a thing then you should expect a message on your computer screen telling you to reboot your computer and you should do exactly that. The next thing you should do is download iTunes to your PC. Launch the iTunes program and also finish the iPod registration.

One can actually name their iPad during this process to make their work easier.  As you get to work your way on iTunes then you will notice the iTunes store which has album covers, graphics and images. The iTunes store is usually in the middle and on its left one will see a list which also has the name of their iPod if they actually did name it. Now one should click on their iPod name and they will see a blank middle section since the iPod is new, it has no songs yet. Now click library and you will see all the songs in it. So how does one add the songs to their iPod? They simply click import or drag the song they want to the name of the iPod thus they will have figured out the basics of how to put songs on an iPod.

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