How to Put Ringtones on iPhone 4 from iTunes

An iphone 4 is a unique high end phone that has gained immense popularity across the globe due to its immense features. Individuals from all over the globe aspire to own an iphone 4 because it provides them with an opportunity to enjoy features that are not found on other ordinary phones. The desire of every person who owns an iphone 4 is to listen to favorite ringtones when receiving a call or a text message. How to put ringtones on iphone 4 from iTunes is the major challenge of many individuals. It’s imperative to note that putting rings on iphone 4 from iTunes is pretty simple. All that a person needs to do is ensure that they follow the process to the letter.

The first step is to basically open up iTunes and choose the songs one wants as the new ringtone. A person should then right click on the song and select “info”>options>enter start and stop times. The next step is to right click the chosen song and click on the “create ACC version”. The next step after conversion is to right click and choose rename as well as change the extension into m4r. The last step is to basically double click on the file and it will open on iTunes hence ready for use as a ringtone. The process is pretty simple and should be easy to accomplish by anyone.

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