How to Put Pictures on IPod the Easy Way

The great and unique thing about iPod gadgets is the fact that apart from listening to music and watching movies, one can also store countless pictures. However, as sophisticated as this gadget is, it sometimes poses problems to individuals who are not tech savvy. How to put pictures on iPod is the most frequently asked question by iPod owners. This is informed by the fact that people would like to keep memorabilia of their fun moments in their sophisticated gadgets. In order to put pictures in a iPod. All that a person needs to do is follow a few steps.

The first thing to do is connect your iPod to the computer via the USB cable. One should then open the iTunes and access the photo options from there. Choose “preferences” and click on the iPod tab. The next step is to select on the photos tab on the iPod pane and choose to synchronize photos by selecting a photo. This simple process on how to put pictures on iPod without much of a hustle will be of great help to  anyone. It’s the best way to keep your favorite pictures on your iPod for future reference and viewing. It’s imperative to note that no iPod comes with the ability of taking photos but are only designed to store them.

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