How to Put Pictures on iPod Nano

Despite the small size of the screen in an iPod nano, it is possible to load images and carry them around. This calls for an individual to know how to put pictures on an iPod nano. To load the photos into an iPod nano one need to sync through the itune software. The personal computer should therefore be insatalled with the iTunes. One puts all the photos they want to put into the iPod in the personal computer under on e file. The iPod is connected to the personal computer using the iPods USB and the iTunes opened to start automatically. When the itune opens, the iPod will appear as a device in the iTunes sidebar. The photos on the right side of the program window are selected and a click on the sync photos from check box confirms the same. On the drop down menu, select the folder that contains the photos. Select on the all folders button and apply in the bottom end of the iTunes. The photos will be synced into the iPod automatically. Eject the iPod after the sync is complete. When the iPod nano’s photo option on the main menu is opened, the photos will be displayed on the screen and one will have known how to put pictures on the iPod nano.

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