How to Put Music on an iPod

Ever wondered how to put music on an ipad? This should not frustrate you since the process is very simple. One can download music of choice into the player and create a play list of choice.  The iPod is first connected to the personal computer using the USB cable and if it is the first time to connect the iPod to the computer the computer prompts one to reboot the system. One requires installing the latest version of itune into their personal computer.

For a new computer the iTunes are launched and the iPod is registered and automatically update the songs into the iPod. One should make themselves familiar with the itune interfaces of images, graphics and covers of the music albums. The name of the iPod is clicked and the itune middle section shows the music in the iPod. If there is no music the section is always blank. When one click on the library the songs that have been copied into the itune library from other sources. One can add music from the CD by inserting the CD into the computer and then click on the import pop up menu. The user can also purchase music directly from the internet into the itune library then add to the iPod. When one learns how to put music on an iPod they can always have music of choice in their play lists and get to enjoy everywhere they go.

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