How to Put Movies on Your iPod Touch

An iPod touch is an impressive piece of device that has taken the world by storm due to its unique features. Many people have a burning desire to own an iPod touch because of the unique features that it comes with. Movie lovers have always wondered how they can put movies on their iPod touch. Are you curious on how to put movies on your iPod touch? The process is pretty simple and all that a person needs to do is to ensure that they follow the steps provided to the letter. At first glance the process may seem daunting but it’s actually simple.

The first step in the successful moving of movies to iPod touch lies in locating the legal videos or movies. The sources for these videos or movies include the iTunes store, personal collection and digital copies of traditional DVDs. The next step is to move your videos or movies into iTunes. Once all the moves are together, the next step is to add a file to iTunes and import movies from that folder to iTunes program. The next step is to convert non iTunes files to MPEG-4 and sync your iPod touch. This will complete the process and hence one can enjoy watching their movies from an iPod touch.

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