How to Put Movies on iPod Nano with iTunes

The ipod nano is an excellent mp3 player. However, they have a unique feature of being able to play movies in them. Taking advantage of this, one needs to know how to put movies on ipod nano and have the latest version of itunes in their personal computer. One acquires the movie they want to download into their devices. This could be gotten from itunes that has latest releases that on can buy online. One can also download movies from DVD or from their personal computers, which are first converted to Mpeg4 format before moving them to the ipod.

Move the video into thee itune library by dragging and dropping it in the itune window. Movies bought from itunes are automatically moved into the itune library collection after download. Prepare the ipod for transfer by making sure it has enough memory space and can play motion pictures. Connect the ipod to the computer using USB cable and ensure it is recognized by itunes. When connected the ipod pops up on the menu of the itune. Select it from the devices list and click on it to open the summary. Click on movies and check on sync all movies box. When the ipod syncs with the computer, the movies will automatically be downloaded into the ipod nano. Learning how to put movies on ipod nano is important for one is able to enjoy the motion pictures everywhere.

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