How to Put Iphone in Dfu Mode in Simple Steps

Putting an iphone in DFU mode is usually recommended during the jail breaking process. Many people constantly ask the question “how to put iphone into DFU mode”. This one of the concerns of people who are trying to restore or jailbreak their iphones. However, before we delve into the steps that need to be followed in order to restore or recover an iphone, it’s important to understand what the term DFU means. DFU basically stands for device firmware update. It’s usually considered as the last option when restoring an iphone using the recovery mode has hit a snag.  What are the basic steps on how to put iphone in DFU mode?

The first step is to basically open the iTunes and connect iphone using the USB.  The second step entails holding and pressing the home and sleep/wake button at the same time. The third step requires one to continue holding and pressing the home and wake/sleep button at least for 10 seconds. One should then continue holding the home button and release the wake/sleep button until a pop up window appears informing you that it has an iphone in recovery mode. However, it’s imperative to note that it may take a few attempts before ones iphone goes into DFU mode. Does not mean that a person should give up but continue to repeat the process until the iphone goes into DFU mode.

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