How to Protect Your ip Address and Stay Away from Intruders

When on browse on the web, the ip address usually gets stored on the log file of every web server. Hackers can easily get access to your personal data through the IP address as long as one is online. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that one should know how to protect you ip address. This could be achieved by hiding ip address with a crack enabling one to regain control over their privacy. One downloads a Hide your ip address shareware program into the personal computer, which can be bought or uploaded free from the net.

Visit “what is my ip address” on the internet and note the current ip address that you use since you will need to use it to check on whether software is working properly. Install the program by double clicking on it. As the program starts, it shows the ip address and one can compare with the noted address from the net. Click on the hide ip button and the personal computer wil be invisible to everybody. You may double check whether the program works by checking from the net” what is my ip address” where it will give you a totally different ip address from the one given at first. This shows it was successful in hiding the ip address and one need to worry on how to protect your ip address.

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