How to Print from an Ipad

For some instance, we have to admit that ipad is a great thing to save paper as it lets you carry around all kinds of digital documents that you might otherwise have had to print. But there are also sometimes printing from the ipad is needed. Today we are going to talk about how to print from an ipad.

Firstly your printer must be wireless available. Though you can connect your ipad with the USB cable to your printer, it is no use, because iOS doesn’t know how to talk to printers via USB. But you can use a computer or other proxy device to serve as a brige : iPad connects wirelessly to Mac (or other device), and that in turn connects to the printer.

Communication channel is only one part. You also need a software called AirPrint that knows how to send data to the printer in the right format. But unfortunately only several newer hp printers support AirPrint. HP has a list of them on its website.

AirPrint is certainly easy to use, but it may not meet all of your needs. Some apps, and some printers, don’t support it. For these reasons and more, you may want a different sort of printing solution that is finding other third-party printing apps. Here we will introuduce you 3 of the favorite printer apps.



 iPrint. Epson. Free. Rating 8/10:

If you’ve got an Epson printer, then downloading the official Epson printer app may seem like a no brainer. While this app is great at what it does, the downside is that it’s ONLY great at what it does. iPrint is designed to print only photos. You can also only print via Wi-Fi, not through the 3G connection. The upside is that there are no drivers to install, and printing your mobile photos has never been easier, and it’s free. Can’t argue with free.

PrintCentral. EuroSmartz. $9.99. Rating 9/10

This app will let you print basically anything from basically anywhere. With PrintCentral you can print wirelessly from iPad to any printer that’s connected to your computer — regardless of whether it’s WiFi, bluetooth or USB. Of course, for around 10 bucks we expect more than the ability to print from our iPad. PrintCentral has plenty of other features: mount your iPad as an external hard drive; view docs from your iPad stored on your home computer, sent by email, virtually from the cloud; print directly from supported apps. If you want to print Internet web pages, Google Maps, SMS messages, or your contacts’ information, you can easily do it with this app.

Print Magic. Wellala, Inc. $6.99. Rating 8/10 Designed for iPhone and compatible with iPad, this app will print web pages, text, and images without the fuss of installing additional software. Print Magic works with all HP printers and many OEM printers (Epson, Brother, Canon, etc). This app is a good choice for people who want easy printing without a lot of frills.


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